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Miorelli Service S.p.A. is the ideal partner for soft facility management services that are technologically innovative and based on the customers’ needs with the aim of taking care of environments kept by professional and responsible staff. Our high-quality cleaning and integrated services are geared towards real estate offices and industries in the private and public sectors.

Miorelli Service has been operating for over 40 years throughout Italy, providing widespread, organized and flexible service that makes Miorelli the perfect partner to rely on for the management and maintenance of real estate.

Our Story



Luciano Miorelli founds the company



Undersigning of the first contract for the cleaning of the windows of the schools in Pergine Valsugana (TN)



Acquisition of important contracts within the Province and the headcount rises to 100 employees



The second generation of the Miorelli family joins the company and transforms it into a Joint-Stock company



The company’s business extends to all of Italy and exceeds the quota of 1.000 employees



Move to the current headquarters in Mori in Trentino (Headquarters)



The company grows with the acquisition of increasingly important contracts and acquires a staff of 5.000 employees


  • Safety – We apply the safety culture as a guiding approach and value in the corporate behaviour of all our staff so that safety becomes synonymous with guaranteed and reliable service
  • Innovation – Through the development and dissemination of cutting-edge research and outreach activities, Miorelli Service always has an eye to the future and to what the world and societies of tomorrow will be like. Our service offer aligns with the value of sustainable, careful and socially responsible action for the best of the communities.
  • Organisation – We proudly serve various key locations across Italy. Miorelli Service is a solid and reliable structure. The precision and the accuracy of our services allow us to offer an excellent planning and activities solution.
  • Flexibility – We naturally adapt to your needs. Our service offer is designed around present and future requirements, bringing to the table remarkable responsiveness in different contexts.
  • Liability – Liability is a value that embraces different contexts: it is the value that enhances the quality of everyone’s daily work by promoting commitment towards continuous improvement and, looking up, it is the value that guides strategic thinking for sustainable development in corporate and social terms.


Miorelli Service is a partner for soft facility management services with a strong innovative drive and with the aim of ensuring service designed to meet the needs of customers while maintaining a high level of flexibility and adaptability in each situation.


ENI - HSE & Sustainability Award 2022

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