Covid-19 emergency services


Sanitation of interiors

We can effectively intervene to deep-clean and sanitize indoor and outdoor environments in order to concretely counteract the spread of the SARS-Cov-2 Coronavirus by adhering to current regulations, using specialized personnel, innovative methodologies and equipment, and employing professional multi-surface disinfectants based on chlorine, alcohol or hydrogen peroxide for maximum protection.

Sanitation of utility systems

This includes the sanitation of air treatment systems, heating units and air conditioning systems, and air conditioners. An improperly cleaned or maintained system greatly increases energy consumption, provides less indoor air flow and, most importantly, can be a breeding ground for viruses.

Independent industry surveys of a significant sample of buildings found that:

  • 65% of ducts are contaminated
  • 65% of facilities do not provide adequate air exchange
  • allergy problems were reported in 35% of buildings
  • 10% of buildings are infected with pathogenic bacteria
  • glass fiber particles have been found in the air in 8% of the buildings
  • carbon monoxide produced by vehicular traffic has been detected in the air in 4% of the buildings
  • Offices
  • Industry
  • Transport and infrastructure
  • Banking and insurance
  • Retail and large-scale distribution
  • Culture and entertainment
  • Sanitation



Offices feature close sharing among people in closed-in spaces. The more care given to these environments, the better the quality of life of those who spend their time there. Following the Covid-19 emergency and with the subsequent return of people to offices, more attention has also been given to sanitizing these spaces.

The planned activities range from the most ordinary to tailor-made solutions for each space, customized according to the situation at hand, such as security points, maintenance of outdoor greenery, monitoring through mobile devices, use of eco-friendly equipment and products, all integrated into unique solutions, fully managed by our experts at Miorelli.



Industrial sheds and factories consisting of production areas and very large spaces leave room for the intervention of our teams of specialised operators who can act promptly with appropriate equipment in the most complex situations, both inside and outside the buildings.

Transport and infrastructure


At Miorelli we have gained a great deal of experience in this area, with vertical experience in the needs and requirements of the transportation sector, especially rail. Planning and organization are two factors that make the difference here and allow us to remain flexible while guaranteeing service, despite the rather complex environment. Even in these situations we deploy our specialized teams and our most advanced technology to support our operators in promptly meeting the challenges. We also give travelers the opportunity to evaluate the quality of our service with constant customer satisfaction reviews.

Banking and insurance


Banks and insurance companies are busy spaces where the standards required are high and the services guaranteed must be efficient.

At Miorelli we know this and, especially after the Covid-19 emergency that saw us involved at the forefront in dealing with and managing the sanitation of work environments, we have gained adequate experience in coping with this type of context in the most appropriate way. Our task is to ensure sanitized environments where people can feel protected and safeguarded, whether they be employees or customers.

Retail and large-scale distribution


The retail and large-scale distribution sector requires high quality standards that are to be provided via efficient services tailored to the needs of each customer. This is the key to our delivering a service in line with the needs of these environments.

All this is supported by an excellent organization that allows us to work in tune with the staff by scheduling management, reducing interactions, optimizing and improving costs and continuing to ensure the quality of Miorelli.

Culture and entertainment


Maintaining and caring for the spaces representing our culture is an honor for all of us at Miorelli. We have carefully selected staff both for the “cleaning” aspects and to manage the information and reception points inside these cultural and performing arts buildings with specifically trained and technologically supported operators.



In healthcare contexts, ensuring clean environments is a necessity and an absolute value that allows for the smooth running of activities, making sure to contribute to the healthiness of spaces so as to safeguard the health of operators and patients alike.

This sector requires high quality standards and prompt action. We are also present with security points because we are aware of the importance of risk prevention, especially following the Covid-19 emergency.


The widespread presence of Miorelli Service's active work sites throughout Italy.


ENI - HSE & Sustainability Award 2022

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