The goals we have set for ourselves fall under the 17 “Sustainable Development Goals” defined by the UN and also known as AGENDA 2030 that recognizes the close link between human well-being, the health of natural systems and the existence of common challenges for all countries.

As a company committed to sustainability, we felt it was important to put in place an ESG policy that would combine effective business management with interventions that curb environmental impact and develop a safety-oriented culture with a focus on social responsibility by placing the centrality of employees at the forefront.


Green Safety Welfare
Miorelli Green

We are one of the first companies to have conducted an LCA (Life-Cycle Assessment) study regarding the life-cycle analysis of indoor cleaning services, and we have been able to quantify their impact on the environment and on health, comparing a traditional protocol with the innovative MIORELLI GREEN protocol and then identifying solutions, tools and products that respect them and are made in Italy.


Miorelli Green costo ambientale

by 80% the environmental cost of cleaning

Miorelli Green detergente

Detergent use

Miorelli Green acqua

Water use

Miorelli Green carta

Paper and cardboard waste production

Miorelli Green rifiuti tessili

Textile waste production

Carbon footprint

We aim to continuously improve the environmental performance of our services. To this end, we have developed a ISO 14067-certified carbon management system (or Carbon Footprint of the service) with the goal of quantifying the life-cycle-related greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of the services we provide.

In this way it is possible to produce environmental reporting of our services by providing environmental benchmark data useful for promoting improvement and for pursuing ‘carbon neutral’ goals

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Reforestation - CO2 Offsetting

Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through the process of photosynthesis and use it to create their own structure and to produce oxygen.

Not all plants are the same, however. Through a proper scientific approach, the CNR Institute of Biometeorology has identified the types of trees with higher pollutant absorption potential and lower allergenic risk. We will participate in the project for offsetting CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions generated by cleaning activities through reforestation in areas adjacent to the buildings together with qualified partners and with the certification of a third body.

Miorelli Safety

Miorelli Safety
Health & Safety Training

Education develops the culture of quality, health and safety.

Education is the best channel for developing people’s health and safety culture at all levels: our commitment is to ensure that our employees are trained and kept up-to-date.

Over the past year, we have delivered approximately 24,000 hours of training in occupational health and safety. Through the e-learning platform developed for our employees, we make all our courses available from any device so they may access freely, with ease and in complete autonomy the educational content customized for each job task

We develop and spread a strong corporate culture by promoting responsible behavior so as to ensure the performance of activities of the highest quality and without accidents, thereby protecting the health of our employees.

Through training, Stop Work Policy, Near miss awareness, we promote the cultural and professional improvement of people, of employees and consequently of the services provided by centering customer needs via proactivity and innovation.

miorelli -27-SICUREZZA

Over the past three years we have steadily decreased injuries, achieving an 18 percent reduction through the implementation of improvements in safety conditions.

In line with the code of ethics, we have put in place a specific policy to remain in compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Management System made to international standard ISO 45001.

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Covid-19 emergency

At the onset of the Covid-19 emergency, we immediately took action by implementing various initiatives to manage the multiple situations that arose by taking all necessary measures to ensure the delivery of services and protecting the health and safety of employees, while complying with current regulations and legislation.

A shared Protocol for the regulation of measures to combat and contain the spread of Covid-19 in the workplace was drafted and a Committee was appointed to implement and verify the rules of the protocol. Finally, specific information and procedures for both sanitation activities and how to report Covid-19 cases in the company and at worksites were drafted and distributed to employees.

Miorelli Welfare

Miorelli Welfare
inclusion and gender equality

Our company, already in compliance with the SA8000 standard, has acquired Family Audit standard certification, a standard of the Autonomous Province of Trento that qualifies organizations attentive to the Family-Work balance needs of their employees.

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Our operational proposal is linked to the value-based elements focused especially on shift management and work/life balance, ample hour flexibility – especially for parents with underaged, disabled or dependent children – consistent with needs and proper service performance.

In addition to this, we have made available other services such as an hours solidarity bank, income support and in-company training internships for newly graduated children of employees.

We remain attentive and ready to promote activities that make all our employees feel part of one family, valuing the abilities of each one.


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